SS&A has helped major utilities and power producers worldwide identify substantial savings in operations and maintenance costs.
  • For gas turbine power plants in operation, SS&A can develop a strategic maintenance plan to keep your plant reliable while reducing costs for parts and service.   
  • For new gas turbine power plants, we can help define specifications for long-term maintenance needs and help customers get the most value from their long-term service agreements. Smart planning today can help ensure new plants are operating reliably and economically for years to come.

Questions about the latest gas turbine technology?

Let us help you navigate the technology selection process. New gas turbine development is constantly delivering more power and higher efficiency, but new technology often brings more risk for early adopters. Today’s H-class and J-class technology is no exception. Whether it’s a question about validation, insurability, or reliability of new gas turbine models, our experts can help you get answers.