Customised solutions for the power industry

Our expertise: gas turbines maintenance & technology consulting, gas-fired power plants development, energy storage and renewable energy solutions, owner’s engineers, site supervision, general engineering & design.


Our Mission



SS&A Power Group of companies share the same vision: bring solutions and services to the power industry to support clean energy today and enable the transition to a carbon-free future.

This vision can be achieved in a two-phase approach. In a first step coal- and oil-fired baseload generation must be replaced with a combination of renewables, energy storage and gas-fired assets. This must be executed in the shortest possible term and on a global level. Coal- and oil-fired power plants should be re-purposed as clean fossil-free energy storage plants.

 Once there are sufficient renewable and energy storage capacities, selected gas-fired infrastructure should remain as back-up or further re-purposed into energy storage plants.



Power Generation and Climate Change – the world has the technologies to drastically reduce carbon emissions today.

There is no need to continue burning coal and oil today. We have all the technologies needed to start the transition now – we have no time to waste – we are acting now.

Replacing baseload coal-fired plants with gas-fired plants will reduce carbon emission by half. Introduction of utility scale energy storage solutions will enable greater utilization factors of renewable energy, thus reducing the need for fossil-fuel based generation. Eventually sufficient combination of renewables and energy storage will eliminate the need for baseload fossil fuels generation…