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G2P Adriatic A.D. is the Montenegrin Project Special Purpose Company with the goal of developing and building the 200 MW off-shore floating Gas-Fired Power Plant.

Development of this exciting project started many years ago as the off shore hydrocarbons exploration were accelerated by the Montenegro’s agency for hydrocarbons. After many years of project preparation efforts, we were able to kick-off our project development special purpose company. The optimized concept for the power plant is based on Siemens’ 4xSGT800 gas turbines on a barge which is being developed by Damen AG. The project is developed in parallel and complementary to the ongoing explorations and plans to commercialize Montenegro’s off-shore gas reserves.

For a successful development of the project we are working closely together with our potential local partners “Port of Bar” where the power plant will be located.

Major project achievements include the following milestones:

  • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) MoU signed
  • Grid Connection studies with the Montenegrin T&D Company CGES ongoing
  • Preparations for MoU with Gas exploration concessioners in final stages
  • Technical concept fully defined including the grid connection possibilities.

The project will be executed in two phases:

  • Phase 1: 50 MW (2021/2022)
  • Phase 2: 150 MW (2024/2026)

Floating Gas Turbine Power Plant Project

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