After the open public bidding, based on the Tender documentation from 12/30/2021, SS&A Power Consultancy was selected by Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG) to lead a study on the development of technical solutions for the energy transition and a preliminary feasibility study for gas power plants in combination with renewables. This study will pave the way to a new chapter in Montenegro’s energy transition, in which SS&A and EPCG will work on the development of the power generation infrastructure.

SS&A Power Consultancy will develop a study to set EPCG on a path to modernize Montenegro’s electricity infrastructure, reduce CO2 emissions, and establish goals for meeting EU standards and regulations in decarbonising power generation. In addition, SS&A Power Consultancy will prepare a strategy for the operation of gas-fired power plants, their integration with renewable energy sources, as well as defining future solutions for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

“By developing a study and selecting potential locations for gas power plants, with a projected total capacity of 400 MW, EPCG is working on finding cleaner solutions, along with the planned strengthening of capacity from renewable sources. The study is the first step and the necessary basis for the realization of that plan. Our consultant from Switzerland has extensive expertise in the field of gas turbines, as well the development of renewable energy sources worldwide. For this reason, we believe that with this study we will obtain a unique document that will serve as a guideline for defining environmentally acceptable and reliable solutions to produce electricity in Montenegro” stated Milutin Djukanović, President of the EPCG Board of Directors.

“We are very pleased to be chosen among such strong competition of large international companies, to make the next step in Montenegro’s transition to green energy. There is a great potential to this project, and we are proud to be a part of it. The key elements of the energy transition of the Western Balkans region will be in place in the next ten years, and Montenegro has a chance to be the leader in this part of Europe“, said Sasa Savic, SS&A Power Consultancy CEO.