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S2P Electric is a subsidiary of the SS&A Power Group and specializes in solar project developments in the Balkan region.

The SS&A Power Group puts all its efforts into sustainable energy generation. The solar company S2P Electric is the counterpart of the sister company E2S Power, which offers a cost-effective thermal storage system for renewable energies.

We are aware that there is no way around renewable energy generation in order to achieve the 2-degree climate target. Due to this fact, we strive to do our part for a future worth living in for our children.

We started with consulting assignments and this business area is still a central pillar of success for our group of companies.


An open, honest, transparent and lived company culture is central to us. It forms a healthy foundation for attracting talented people to us in the long term. The company culture must be lived for it to make sense, and by each individual. It has to become part of our DNA and that can only happen if people can identify with the values and live them. It needs a change of direction. Not only in the way we treat employees and customers but also in the way we treat our environment. There is not much time left to turn the tide.

We want to make an important contribution to achieving these goals. We want to be sustainable not only in our dealings with people, but also with Mother Earth.

Thanks to our global network on the one hand and our own internal resources on the other, we have the best prerequisites for successfully helping to reposition energy in the future.


Beat Briand

Beat Briand

CEO and owner of Swiss Finance Network GmbH a competence centre for independent providers of financial services. Since 2017 the Swiss Finance Network GmbH is an Auditor of Openfunds organization. Previously, Beat was Executive Director in Bank Julius Bär, Zürich and Investment Advisor in Credit Suisse, Zürich. He has more than 25 years in the financial and bank services with strong understanding of the economy, markets, consulting and support of domestic and foreign private customers and maintenance and expansion of existing customer relationships.


Just one year after the foundation, in September 2020, we signed the contracts for a new 56 MW solar plant in Bor in Serbia with our partner company Netinvest at the beginning of October 2021.

Further projects will follow.


The SS&A Power Group, Netinvest and The Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in Bor signed joint venture agreement for the development and construction of a 56 MW solar power plant in Bor.

This will be the first solar power plant with that power in Serbia and it will be built in line with the highest ecological standards, in the area of the jeopardized ecological zone of mining waste, which will be turned into a solar ecological park.

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