SS&A Power Development

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SS&A Development is the Power Group’s innovation center – this is the place where we generate our ideas, patents, new projects and services supporting sustainable power generation.  

We generate ideas in our multidisciplinary teams consisting of out-of-box thinkers from various professions which are free-thinking brains with the right attitude which enables the right team chemistry.

Once ideas are screened and assessed for feasibility and business case – they may become development projects. With the help of our investors, these ideas are then turned into real projects. Our smart and visionary investors are the key ingredient to enable our ideas to turn into success stories and for this we thank them. Swiss Finance Network ( is our internal investor’s relationship organization – focused on matching our ideas with people who share our values.

Development is at the core of the Group’s effort to create solutions which will help to face climate change and other challenges of the future power generation. Following our two-steps approach towards carbon neutral and reliable power generation we already launched two initiatives. First one was a gas-to-power project which ended up in a spin-off of a new company, G2P Adriatic. The purpose of this future power plant will be to enable Montenegro a coal-free and reliable power generation in the next 25 years. The challenge was to develop a power plant which can help reduce Montenegro’s CO2 emissions by 50% and at the same time generate a sufficient return on investment before 2050, when we all believe Europe will be generating fossil-fuel free electricity. Following this idea and thanks to our investors we incorporated the Company G2P Adriatic in Montenegro, with a task to develop and build a first gas-fired floating power plant in Southeast Europe, which will be using local off-shore gas. SS&A Power Development owns 90% of the G2P Adriatic shares and 10% are sold to our investors, to finance the project development. For more details visit (

Full transition to sustainable and carbon neutral power generation by 2050 cannot be realized without economically viable energy storage solutions. This was the reason why energy storage was in the focus of SS&A Power Development for many years. We generated a number of ideas on thermal energy storage which were then patented. In 2017 we received a grant from Canton Aargau’s High-Tech Zentrum and worked together with University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland ( on the feasibility study.  After the positive outcome of the feasibility study we were swift to find the right partner (WIKA) to kick off a joint venture: E2S Power AG with the purpose of developing, engineering and building thermal energy storage systems. For more details visit (

SS&A Power Development is continuously screening new ideas and new markets and we now turn our attention to the solar projects. More details on that to follow.