Promotion and Communications Specialist

We are looking for a promotion and communications specialist with experience in B2B Marketing, preferably with experience with industrial companies. The successful applicant shall report directly to the Company Senior Management and perform the following activities on the group level:


SS&A Power Group is a growing company focused on bringing solutions and services to the power industry to support clean energy today and enable the transition to a carbon-free future.

The Role

  • Preparation and execution of the new product introduction campaign. One of our companies is currently launching new technology for energy storage, with the aim to prepare a series of public announcements following the successful testing.
  • Organize and prepare specifications for promotion video(s), animations and graphic design packages to support professional promotion. The specialist is expected to liaise with professional suppliers, video crews and graphic designers and coordinate activities leading to the generation of professional promotion video and graphical materials
  • Prepare and coordinate promotion on social networks such as LinkedIn and other relevant professional tools
  • Define, execute and regularly update promotion strategy for the group
  • Liaise with relevant press communities and professional journalists and prepare interviews, articles, customer testimonies, etc.
  • Coordinate, execute and distribute group newsletters and communications
  • Coordinate regular website updates and other promotional tasks


  • The office is located in Belgrade, Serbia. Flexible working conditions are available.

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